Devin + Christy: An Early Winter Engagement

I was so, so, SO honored when my friends Devin and Christy asked me to do their wedding and engagement photography. This couple is seriously such a perfect match and their love for one another runs deep. We started in Downtown Omaha, Nebraska and moved to 13th Street Coffee to snap some pictures since the girls met in a coffee shop. How cute! They also would play cards all the time when they first started dating so naturally they brought playing cards to the engagement shoot. I love that--when couples incorporate something they love doing together in their shoot. 

After warming up with some coffee, we headed over to take the rest of the engagement pictures in a favorite spot of mine in Council Bluffs, Iowa. (Also where marriage equality exists... cough, cough, Nebraska!) Although it was really chilly during the shoot, Devin and Christy were such troopers and their very apparent love warmed me up enough to keep snapping away. I honestly cannot wait for their wedding next fall. :)